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CoalFace aim to take problems regardless of size, industry, platform, or complexity and create real life, manageable and cost-effective solutions that can’t be found elsewhere.

Alnwick Castle approached us with the brief of solving the issue of the website not driving enough conversion to ticket purchases and visits.

Browns 2000 approached with the brief of reducing costs on the factory floor of their door manufacturing business.

Centre for life had commissioned a new site by a third party in 2014 which required a revamp to address information overload and targeting multiple personas.

The Nexus website had gone through extensive user testing and feedback and as a result it was identified there were several gaps and issues in their current site offerings.

A full rebuild of Theatre Royal’s site built to convert users to customers, making use the latest version of a third party management system, Tessitura.

World Headquarters were looking for a way to sell tickets online. Current ticketing providers booking fees were unfeasible for their events.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park approached to build a website and CRM system that would allow them to create a myriad of event configurations, sell products online, as well as integrate their day to day back office organisation.

ClaimEZ required a rebuild of their claims management system, including an extensive data management exercise to ensure the secure move of client claims information.

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