A licence-free, business critical system development.

The problem

The client's existing licence for its insurance claims management system was up for renewal. It was going to be too expensive to make changes to it.

The client

ClaimEZ is a claims handling company. The existing system was well-ingrained in the corporation but had become outdated and costly. There was little opportunity for the functional scope to be adjusted with their previous SaaS solution. They needed a system in their call centres that would let them manage all claims and renewals from their customers.

The Solution

Recreating and updating a legacy system based on user scoping sessions and documentation.

The Outcome

Reduction of recurring licence fee costs for ClaimEz, due to a non-licence based software model delivered by CoalFace. This model rather than a Software as a Service solution allows for cost-effective amends to scope in the future.

The Deliverables

Import of over 4gb of legacy data
Recreation of an existing legacy system

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