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We are proud to have worked for the globally recognised Centre for Life. The Centre for Life is home to almost 600 doctors, nurses and researchers producing world-recognised advances such as the world’s first cloned human embryo and ground-breaking stem cell research to restore patient’s eyesight. Alongside this, the Life Science Centre educates and entertains all walks of life, hosting exhibitions, workshops and a state-of-the art planetarium.

In a project of mammoth proportions which spanned over 10 months, we re-imagined and developed 3 new websites for Life, from concept, design, through to production, with a fourth in the pipe-line for Summer 2017.

Using an Agile approach developed in house over the past 36 months, design and interview techniques were used to profile requirements from key leaders from each department of the organisation. This was translated to create a site which comprised of numerous aims and objectives, without becoming cluttered or confusing for the end user. From the production of wireframes, working prototypes, development, user testing and acceptance testing, the final site was launched March 2017.

Features include:

  • Bespoke inline-editing tools make the site a breeze to edit. By editing the page itself as the customer sees it, there’s no confusion over what a field does in the bespoke content management system, or clicking back and forth to see your changes.
  • A comprehensive event ticket management system covers hundreds of combinations of events, ticket pricing configurations, closure management, waiting lists and order management to name just a few features. This, tied in with on-reception scanning of QR codes from customer’s phones make both the customer’s and the centre’s experience a doddle.
  • Dynamic content management makes automation of content easier, automatically removing irrelevant and expired content such as old events.
  • Automated SEO comes as standard, OG tags, Twitter summary cards help the site rank as intended.

Using the main site as a basis, further Content Management tools were developed from scratch to produce a site to promote and assist secretaries, teachers and educational institute plan their curriculum with the Centre for Life with workshops and outreach programmes. The education site launched in tandem with the main Life website.

The ‘jobs system’ lets International Centre For Life’s HR team list and receive applications for any job. Through a 5 step process, delegates can complete their application online whilst the HR team manage and collate application data.

Features include:

  • An auto-save feature that saves delegate’s application as they go. Whether it be on mobile, tablet or desktop delegates will never be tied to a PC.
  • Resume an application gives delegates a simple way to pick up where they left off with their applications. No more saving in a word document and copy and pasting!
  • Dropbox integration means delegates can upload supporting documents from their PC, and it will land straight onto the HR departments PCs ready for viewing.
  • Cintra integration allows the HR team to automatically collect submission data into their HR database, allowing them to email unsuccessful and successful candidates; bypassing the need to hand input and duplicate data.

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