Why use a creative copywriter for digital content?

By Dan Brough, Head of Copy

You know your brand inside out, right? You care about it, so you can describe it better than anyone. Unfortunately, choosing to write your own content for the web means you could slowly be killing your brand with verbal fireworks.

The first impression a customer has with your company is through words – whatever the medium. A beautiful design might catch their attention but it’s the words that make the real connection. Of course, words alone won’t cut it. But when the two come together, along with your product, it provides real depth. Your company’s story, product descriptions, how to contact you – they should all emulate your personality.

Problem is, thousands of companies out there are all saying the same thing about themselves. Buzzwords such as ‘passionate’ and ‘face-to-face’ and long-winded nonsense leave these websites vapid, boring and cold. Add bad spelling and grammar to the mix, and folk end up running for the hills.

The thing about writing for the web, and this is particularly true for mobile,  is that visitors are less patient – they want quick solutions and if they’re looking for something specific, they’ll scan the page. If they can’t find what they want, they’ll leave. Simple as. But if they find what they’re looking for and it’s an easy read, they’ll stay.

Let’s not forget you may also have several audiences – so how do you speak to them all? The trick is not to try and cater for everyone. Otherwise, you’ll please some but put others off. Stick to writing clearly and simply – people are more interested in being able to understand what you’re saying. You don’t need to impress them with clever words – no Charles Dickens novels here.

Our top tips for writing for the web:

  • 1 in 10 people in the UK don’t have English as their first language. Make sure information is clear and succinct for your audience.
  • Formal doesn’t have to be stuffy and dull. Avoid jargon and gobbledygook.
  • Your text should sound like spoken speech, so say it out loud. When we naturally talk, we reach for simpler words.
  • Shorter sentences and paragraphs make copy easier on the eye and more inviting to read.
  • Address your users directly – use the word ‘you’.

Top load the information on the page – don’t build up to a big finish. Scan readers are in a hurry – everyday English helps them skim text and find what they need, fast. Tell them the bit they’re likely to care about most, upfront.

Can’t write to save your life? Hire a creative copywriter. CoalFace and Drummond Central can help you with clear, concise words that are carefully crafted and persuasive. The internet is the biggest party in the world – it’s time to be the life and soul.

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