The art of working with Tessitura

By Ed Francis, Project Director

At CoalFace, we work on numerous systems across a diverse range of sectors, from arts & culture, to retail, education and hospitality. We really immerse ourselves in our clients’ business needs and how we can work together for success. There’s been some discussion in the arts & culture sector recently about the Tessitura platform, the technology that runs your booking platform. So, we thought it’d be worthwhile giving you the lowdown, minus the tech-talk.

Basically, what was once a costly, complex process has now been made simple through a hybrid approach. Since the release of ‘Tessitura Network Express Web’ (or TNEW as it’s now more commonly known), you now have access to a library of products in an easy off-the-shelf package that seamlessly converges the latest technology, customer requirements and their journey.

The good news for you is that for the first time, you have a choice of working with the software and website developers you want, using your own license. Up until recently, any changes to your Tessitura were only possible through a single-channel supplier arrangement and complex APIs. These new changes put you firmly in control because you’re no longer bound by tight licences and a single supply partner.

For those of you that are completely new to Tessitura, in a nutshell it’s an application that was designed entirely to meet the needs of arts, cultural and entertainments organisations, managing all aspects of CRM strategies and technologies throughout the customer life cycle.

The implications of the digital revolution are all encompassing, and the arts & culture industry is no exception. In the past five years, advancements in technology have transformed the whole process of how we go about booking a show. Customers have no patience – they demand convenience and speed. That’s why you need to evolve with them to forecast what they need before they even know they need it. Experience is everything and the market is becoming more crowded. The arts industry thrives on public expectations, engagement and experience, so digital touch points are paramount to this. The Tessitura solution provides an intelligent and exceptional tool to manage this experience.

Take our client, Newcastle Theatre Royal. They wanted to streamline their site to communicate shows first and foremost, with the ultimate goal of driving ticket sales. Their site design at the time was convoluted and information heavy, weakening its ability to sell tickets and creating a disjointed user experience. Our team created a new website that now streamlines the booking process, giving a seamless experience through to the Tessitura platform. We also created individual landing pages for each production to deliver a truly unique experience focussed around relevant content.

Numerous features were developed from infrastructure through to software to enhance engagement and conversions. As well as saving money, it gave the technical and marketing departments peace of mind.

So when it comes to changes to your website, whether that’s now or further down the line, we’re experts in integrating with the Tessitura system. We also happen to have existing knowledge of the arts, cultural and entertainment sector, and know what your audience is looking for. Bonus.

By incorporating your license, we can integrate an off-the-shelf web application with an effectively-designed and well-thought out website. So you get the best of both worlds. The result? A more sophisticated online user experience and seamless customer journey.

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