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Optima Villas specialise in the rental of luxury villa accommodation in Lanzarote. They provide property management services to villa owners and also manage the marketing and booking of owners’ villas online.

Optima Villas initially approached us to redesign and redevelop their website, but after an initial scoping exercise, it emerged that the team at Optima could also benefit hugely from a property aggregation service.

The Problem

In order to maximise their owners’ investments and secure the maximum amount of booking leads, Optima Villas need to market through as many online channels
as possible.

The marketing team spent a lot of time in multiple property portals updating villa pricing, availability, discounts and content, but as their portfolio of properties grew, this became an increasingly demanding and time-intensive process. There was a real risk villas could be sold at the wrong price or double-booked as the data was inaccurate by the time it was input and uploaded.

The Solution

The answer was to integrate our ‘aggregation service’ – a smart, automated system that COALFACE had previously developed. Put simply, it works in the background to allow a company to input data just once and then it pushes the information to multiple platforms, making sure content is consistent and in real-time.

For Optima Villas, our system meant they could pull up-to-date villa data from one main source (their website CMS) and then push it out to various property portal APIs seamlessly. The portals were HomeAway, Owners Direct and TripAdvisor/FlipKey but we can also work with, Trivago and many more.

The ready-built system not only eliminates human error and delivers more accurate data, Optima Villas saves on overheads and unnecessary staff labour costs. They have negated the need for staff to spend hours manually inputting data – instead, they use their team’s time more wisely.

Aggregation Service

Property marketing Made simple

The Property Aggregation SystemOur system can automate the work and provide real-time updates without the need for manual intervention. It means you input content once and share across multiple advertising platforms instantly.

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