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Drummond Central and Coalface Directors
Drummond Central and Coalface

We're not really ones for blowing our own trumpets, but blow we shall!

It's been a whirlwind start to 2017 with some exciting news that CoalFace have officially joined the Drummond Central Group to strengthen our digital offering.
To our existing and prospective clients this simply means we've ramped up our offering as it increases our abilities in design, marketing and digital strategy. And importantly, it allows us to continue our current services without any change to our existing clients.
We've collaborated with the DC team on a number of projects and the relationship just works. DC's fantastic teams of designers, account managers and admin support will be at hand to help us grow and branch out into new market places, but more importantly allow us to continue with our current business as usual.
In short, CoalFace will continue to trade under its own name and continue to service our existing customer base, whilst becoming an integral part of the wider DC team.
We're really excited about this relationship and believe it will help keep us at the top of our game in absolutely everything we do. It’s a tried and trusted partnership that benefits everyone, especially our clients who want to produce high end digital solutions for their customers.

Here's to an exciting 2017!

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