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AIS Training: 

AIS Training

AIS Training is a world class specialist in delivering training for Offshore oil & gas, wind energy and industrial sectors. They have a number of state of the art training academies across the UK and sell training courses at these academies via their website.

In December 2015 AIS Training started to work with us undertaking a six-month search engine optimisation campaign. The ultimate aim of this campaign is to increase organic traffic to the site, and as a direct result of this traffic increase customers making purchases on the site.

Our first steps with AIS Training was to identify keywords to track, and also competitors to track. Being able to track keyword performance against competitors is vital as it allows us to see where a site is underperforming and how we can improve our keyword optimisation. 

Our next task with AIS Training was to start to reduce errors with the site. Google will put penalties on websites which do not meet their criteria, in other words their position in search rankings will drop. Working to reducing these errors means Google will not penalise the site.

Currently we are working to optimise site content for keyword search and improve the social media presence of the brand to drive traffic to the site. Google’s latest algorithms mean that content is key for sites performing well. Having good content that meets users’ requirements is key to improving organic ranking performance. 

Since December we have already started to see a significant improvement on the site.

Below are some examples and explanations of our SEO work alongside AIS Training so far:

Organic Search Traffic:

Organic Search Traffic

The above chart compares organic search traffic from November 2015 to January 2016. It also shows the position of keywords within Google Search. As we can see, organic search traffic has improved massively. In December 2015 the site received 6813 visits from organic search, in January 2016 this increased to 11,318 visits.

Site Growth:

Site Growth

This data is showing site growth improvement comparing data from December 2015 to January 2016. It shows the total site sessions improving by 48.69% - in other words, January 2016 saw 7530 more visits to the site than December 2015. 

Site Crawl: 

Site Crawl

The site crawl shows the number of errors with the site which can effect a sites ability to rank within organic search, for example meta data missing or re-direct links set up incorrectly. As soon as we took over the SEO campaign in December the total issues with the site more than halved – and now in February 2016 there are 36 errors to be fixed compared to 390 at the start of December.

Keyword Tracking:

Keyword Tracking

We are currently tracking 135 keywords for AIS Training. 51% of these keywords appear in the top 10 ranking in Google search. And 30 of these are in the top 3 positions. Before we started our SEO campaign with AIS Training they only had 9 keywords ranking in the top 3 positons. After 3 months they now have 30 keywords in the top 3. 

Social Media:

Social Media

Over the course of the past three months we have undertaken some social media consultancy with AIS Training to improve their presence and content on social media, especially Facebook. 11% of all traffic to the site now comes via social media. The graph on the left shows the improvement in social media traffic over the past 12 months.

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